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- 2018 IUPUI Dance Marathon

2018 IUPUI Dance Marathon

Half Off Day Reveal
Half Off Day Reveal

Recruitment Committee

Welcome to Jagathon's Recruitment Committee Fundraising Page!!!

The Recruitment Committee works tirelessly throughout the year to help bring Jagathon to its highest potential! Our goal is to recruit 1,500 FTK fanatics to have at IUPUI's Dance Marathon: Jagathon! Our recruiting efforts are endless throughout the entire year as we table at various events on campus, have registration push days, and get the word out to everyone we can by using our voices to encourage the FTK spirit in all! Think you're not included? Well we do our best to recruit all types of different people. Sororities, fraternities, and other student organizations on campus are also included in our efforts, we engage them in our cause and they help us engage their counterparts, WE WANT EVERYONE TO BE FTK!!!!

Our fundrasing goal as a committee for this year is $10,000. Please help us in our efforts to raise money in support of Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research which is such a fantastic and noble foundation of the Riley Children's Foundation. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and go a long way for a Riley Kid and their family. 

Thank you and FTK!

2018 Recruitment Committee

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